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Audience Development in the Classical and Contemporary Music Sectors in Quebec: A Response to Market Fragmentation?

Chaire Rémi et Carmelle-Marcoux, HEC Montréal – Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique, Université de Montréal Abstract Audience development has been, for many years, a significant challenge […]

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From neuroscience to performance : Musicophilia

The neurologist Oliver Sacks’s book Musicophilia presented nine case studies of people who, affected by a disease or neurological lesion, changed their behaviour towards music. This book has now been […]

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Reducing boundaries between classical and pop music

A new cultural movement seems to characterize Iceland, according to the journalist Guy Damman. Many Icelandic musicians with classical backgrounds take part in the production of popular music as well. […]

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Younger orchestras

To rejuvenate classical music audiences, or because attendance numbers are in decline, a new initiative is gaining popularity among orchestras and arts institutions in the United States: offering specialized music […]

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Pygmy Mbenzele and hipsters perceive music in the same way

Mbenzele pygmies live without internet, radio or television. Therefore, they have never been in contact with Western musical culture. Nevertheless, they naturally link musical extracts from Western music with same […]

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A GPS for classical music

Specially designed for people who don’t know how to read a music score, this tool visualises music data on a 2D or 3D graphic. Conceived by Stephen Malinowsky, the Music […]

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Who says cows don’t like trumpet?

In this video, the farmer Derek Klingenberg performs a piece by Australian pop singer Lorde. This performance is actually a call for his cows… Be patient, they walk slowly!

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The Danish National Chamber Orchestra under the influence of hot peppers

The actor, musician, and lover of chilli peppers known by the name of Chili Klaus, challenged the Danish National Chamber Orchestra to perform the piece Tango jalousie by Jacob Gade […]

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One singer, two simultaneous voices

Have you ever heard a human being sing two notes at the same time? The technique of polyphonic singing is an impressive feat, which the singer Anna-Maria Hefele has mastered. […]

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Musicians and gymnasts

Do you know the salutsalon quartet? They are 4 women: a pianist, a cellist and two violinists. Not only are they accomplished soloists, they also can play their instruments in […]

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