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Scottish Ensemble, more than just a musical formation

When the Scottish Ensemble is in residency in a town, the formation does more than just perform concerts. They also offer activities open to everyone, such as masterclasses and workshops. […]

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Simplifying the purchase of theater tickets

A new application, called Todaytix, has just been released.  Its objective is to provide young audiences with a simpler means to buy theater tickets, developed after the app’s founders noticed […]

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Balcony concerts

Traditional music made in Quebec is now becoming quite popular in Montreal, especially on balconies. These free concerts have drawn hundreds of people, who dance happily in a friendly and […]

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Can the music industry satisfy everyone?

The city of Cannes, already well known as a special place for cinema, will be hosting giants of the music industry to discuss salient issues at the 49th meeting of […]

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RE-RITE experience

It doesn’t matter if you have musical skills or not, the RE-RITE project can show you classical music in a new way. This interactive installation made with giant screens allows […]

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MusicLab Project

MusicLab is a mobile installation that will reach audiences in Plymouth, Cornwall, and Torbay in England. Once you’ve entered the caravan, you can play interactive video games that allow you […]

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How to surprise audiences

Ricciotti Ensemble knows how to surprise its audiences. One hundred times a year, its 40 musicians offer spontaneous short music concerts from different genres, such as classical, pop, jazz, and […]

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Challenge your ear!

Can you hear the difference between an audio excerpt and an mp3 excerpt? Here are some audio excerpts that will show you if Tidal’s high definition access is worth the […]

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Is musical style a racial distinction?

While Spotify playlists can be grouped by a particular musical style, they can also be categorized by an activity type, such as “studying” or “taking a walk”, or even by […]

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