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The evolution of audiences of cultural events

What are the attitudes, behaviors and obstacles associated with the audiences of cultural events? And what encourages them to, or keeps them from, attending a cultural event? The piste culturelle […]

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Why do people attend concerts?

More than 100,000 people from England have been asked by the organization Audience Agency why they attend artistic performances and music concerts. The most popular answer is to be entertained, […]

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Why harmony is important

In this paper, freely accessible through, critic and musicologist Robert Fink explores the Venezuelan orchestra El Sistema, particularly the important role played by harmony in the orchestra’s social construction. […]

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The true value of contemporary music

Contemporary visual art offers its gallery audiences a certain freedom in that they can contemplate paintings, go out for a coffee, and then return to the gallery. It does not […]

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Why do we listen to music ?

According to a study quoted by journalist Tom Jacobs, young people listen to music because it helps them develop social connections with their peers, as well as escape negative emotions. […]

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If everyone on the internet gets involved, can we generate the next hit?

The project crowdsound invites people to help construct the next pop song by voting on the notes of the melody. Chords and popular song structure are already in place – […]

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Contemporary music has more than one trick in its “handbag”?

Believe it or not, composer David Lang has composed the piece “optimism,” broadcast through a handbag. The bag’s normal function now also contains the beauty of creativity via contemporary music. […]

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Can music manipulate us?

We tend to take more risks when passively listening to music we like. In effect, our propensity to buy things is influenced by what kind of music is playing in […]

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At the Opéra de Montréal, who is listening?

[Content in French] Le récent succès de guichet de l’opéra Samson et Dalila de Camille Saint-Saëns, présenté par l’Opéra de Montréal (OdeM) en janvier 2015, et dont on peut certes […]

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