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What a note program must not say

Critique David Lister relate the boredom he felt when he paid 4 francs for a note program that did not say anything more than futile information concerning violinist Julia Fisher. […]

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Who said concert had to adapt itself to numeric era ?

  Currently under a numeric are, taking a break from internet to concentrate ourserlves on a piece performed during a live concert, this can be a benefit for promoting classic […]

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Participation to cultural activities, an education issue ?

Participation to cultural activities is apparently correlated to education degree of people, independently to their annual incomes. Researcher Aaron Reeves noted that the more fortunate people were, the more they tended to passively attend cultural activities such as an opera concert, and they did so just to be seen by their peers. On the other side, the more educated people were, the more they tended to actively integrate cultural activities like a choral, and their class was lower. In addition, they would implicate themselves for a music matter rather than an extra-musical matter.               […]

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What songs are on Barack Obama’s playlists?

Those who have always secretly wanted to know the musical tastes of politicians, like Barack Obama, will be pleased. Mr. Obama recently published two playlists on Spotify, a gesture that […]

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Concert experience lived virtually

With this new technological helmet, it is now possible to play alongside musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. All you have to do to try out this helmet is […]

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A piano for every repertoire?

Curious to see what a Nintendo piano looks like? To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nintendo’s Mario Bros, composer Sonya Belousova and filmaker Tom Grey have combined forces to create […]

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