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The program note: written or digital? Justin Bernard gives an update!

The thesis project of Justin Bernard, a student member of DMAQ, explores possibilities offered by digital program notes, compared to written ones. Graphic and audiovisual animation improves the clarity, relevance […]

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Music is wonderful, but not mysterious

Philosophy professor at Columbia University in New York, Lydia Goehr, demystifies the phenomena of music from a philosophical perspective. Understanding the functions of music facilitates greater understanding of the power […]

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The accessibility of contemporary music

Thanks to new ways of diffusing music – such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube –, it has never been easier for a composer to record his pieces and distribute them […]

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Infobesity, the challenge of the century?

In the digital era, it becomes harder and harder to capture the attention of an audience, made up of people who are bombarded by information no matter where they look. […]

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Spare time is free falling

According to a comparative study of how 15,000 Canadians use their spare time, led by Statistique Canada from 1986 to 2010, Québécois work four more hours each week compared to […]

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Five prejudices against contemporary music

Inaccessible, nonsensical, backward and irritating like the sound of nails on a chalkboard, these are four of five prejudices that keep us away from this musical genre, according to journalist […]

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L’opéra peut-il faire bon ménage avec une offre culturelle basée sur la gratuité?

[Content in French] La supposée gratuité en matière d’offre culturelle est-elle un mal nécessaire? Est-elle seulement encore défendable? Telles sont les questions qu’on peut se poser après la saison estivale […]

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