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En avant la musique! Renouvellement et développement des publics de la musique au Québec

 [Content in French] Dans le cadre de la consultation publique du ministère de la Culture et des Communications en vue du renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec, des membres […]

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Researcher Portraits: Flavia Gervasi

As part of our series “Researcher Portraits”, you can now watch our new video about Flavia Gervasi, DMAQ member, doctor and sociomusicology professor at the University of Montréal!

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A musical sculpture at the Musée d’art contemporain (MAC) ?

A musical sculpture: this is what the exposition The Visitors by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson offers. The spectator is encircled by nine screens, on each of which is a musician […]

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Renewing the museum visit

Cleveland’s typical museum-goers are people between the ages of 55 and 75 years old. In an effort to expand their audience and attract more young people, the museum’s director Aaron […]

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Does wearing headphones create a solitary musical experience?

This article explores the social and solitary facets of listening practices in today’s world. According to Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, neuroscientist, “The properties of the human mirror-neuron system are based on research […]

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The “nubémorphose” of musical consumption practices: the case of music streaming services

In the era of digitamorphosis, a term created to describe changes in consumption as a result of music’s digitization, Louis Melançon has analyzed the transformation of music consumption in the […]

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Laser shaming

An interesting phenomena is occurring in Bejing’s concert halls. When people use their cellphones during a concert, they are pointed at by employees with a laser pointer. Another solution is […]

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Today’s music critics: qu’ossa donne?

Journalist Alain Brunet considers the role music critics play in society in the digital era. Are music critics useless? Stressing the quality of their expertise, he adds: “When expressed humbly […]

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Is the development of audiences an important issue for the Minister of Culture and Communication?

Connaissez-vous Luc Fortin, ministre de la Culture et des Communications du gouvernement Couillard ? Dans une entrevue avec la journaliste Nathalie Petrowski, il explique que l’une des préoccupations est celle […]

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Does music influence productivity at work ?

According to professor of neuropsychology Hervé Patel (University of Caen), “listening to music while working stimulates memorization and endurance to tiredness,” reports France Musique. Productivity and creativity are also increased, […]

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