The DMAQ at the Canadian University Music Society Annual Conference 2015

A delegation of 6 DMAQ student and research members presented two sessions on music audiences at the recent conference of the Canadian University Music Society, held this year at the University of Ottawa. The papers addressed a variety of past and current research endeavours undertaken by members:

Session 1: Outreach and Strategies by Institutions for Developing Music Audiences

MusCan P2M 2015 - Ariane CoutureAriane Couture – « Paying Homage to Develop Your Audience: The 2013-2014 Season of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) »

Justin Bernard – « Reinventing Programme Notes in the Digital Age: The Examples of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra »

Natassja Menezes – « Strategies for Developing the Classical Music Audiences Issuing Forth From Montreal Universities »

Session 2: Forms of Attachment and Musical Interest of Music Audiences

1. Danick TrotP2M à MusCan - Ottawa Mai 2015 - Danick Trottiertier  – « Those Greatly Sought-After Monumental Effects: Sociomusicological Analysis of Attentiveness in Classical Music Concerts »

2. Irina Kirchberg – « “We’re not all geeks!” Who Are Today’s Video Game Music Fans? » 

3. Louis Bédard Giulione and the Théâtre Hector-Charland Team – « The Issue P2M à MusCan - Ottawa Mai 2015 - Louis Bedard et le THCof Developing Audience Loyalty for a Performance Space: How Can the Diversity of Genres Be Reconciled? »



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