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Xavier Roy

To introduce P2M’s team, we will be presenting our members’ profiles over the next few months. Discover Xavier Roy, doing his master’s degree at HEC Montréal and a researcher in […]

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Musicology for everyone

A team of researchers from the United States (University of Texas and Indiana University) has created an interactive blog: the avid listener, including musicological essays about different subjects: music history, culture, […]

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International Conference : Classical Music and its Audiences in the Digital Age

Are you interested in classical music audiences, changing musical tastes, and the impact of digital media? If so, this conference is made for you! To learn more about it, download […]

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After music depending on the mood, music depending on brain waves?

We know about Songza’s digital platform, which suggests music for any circumstances (studying, dancing, etc.) or for any moods (playful, calm, etc.). Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) has recently introduced a […]

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Pedagogy through art

Academic subjects are apparently easier to learn with the aid of art. An example? Studying geometry through Kandinsky’s paintings, or painting tempo and instrumental colors from music. According to journalist […]

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Toward a digital music heritage

CNRS’s researcher in France Stéphane Dorin explains in this interview that classical music could benefit from embracing digital technologies. In fact, music pedagogy through digitals platforms might be a way […]

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Paris’s Philharmonie opens doors to the public

Inaugurated on January 14th 2015, Paris’s Philharmonie was so busy during its five first days that the cultural center didn’t have any other choice than to turn many visitors away […]

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Cymbal in slow motion

Have you ever seen a cymbal’s vibrations in slow motion? The result is really impressive. This article demonstrates the way other instruments look in slow motion: cello, piano hammers, and […]

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How to thank audience in the digital age

Sharing a personal music playlist on youtube is an original way for Daniel Snaith from the band Caribou to thank his fans for their loyalty. Not only is it a […]

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De « L’opéra du samedi » à « Place à l’opéra 2.0 »

The English version of this site is currently under construction. Débat organisé par le Cercle de musicologie (association étudiante, Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal) sur la programmation lyrique à […]

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