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Reaching audiences in a different way

The NewAud project brings together 35 musical ensembles from around the world who aim to revitalise contemporary music concerts. To do so, some of these initatives offer concerts outside concert […]

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Music as stress-relief

In this article, neuropsychologist and researcher Nathalie Gosselin explains her study, whose aim is to understand the influence of music on stress. In particular, she would like to develop a […]

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The music of the subway

Artist Brian Foo has created a musical minimalist narration piece, based on a subway ride between Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bronx. His musical project is to create 12 pieces using samples […]

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Get to learn music by pizza

In Gourmet Symphony, we learn Mozart’s Don Giovanni character has more in common with pizza than you might think. Yes, pizza! Because of his large size and constant presence at […]

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Spontaneous train music

On an otherwise unremarkably train ride, a singer decided to offer his fellow passengers a spontaneous Puccini aria. If the amount of applause is any indication, it must have been […]

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What is the composition of audiences in France?

Based on Stéphane Dorin’s sociological study, this article presents a portrait of the average concert-lover. The most important characteristics emerging from his study — « Audiences for live classical music […]

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A return to salon concerts

A new trend is growing in the United States: living room concerts. Some musical organizations such as Groupmuse bring concerts directly to private living rooms in urban environments, according to […]

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Wigmore hall designed for digital age

Based in London, Wigmore Hall will now have backstage areas so that audience will can attend concert rehearsals. Moreover, free internet access in these areas means live concert streaming. To […]

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Learning arts modifies the brain’s structure

According to Alexander Schlegel’s study, learning the arts influences our brains in different ways. The practice of creativity actually results in the reorganization of white matter in the frontal lobe.. […]

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How ethnically diverse is the symphony orchestra?

Journalists Brian Wise and Naomi Lewin brought up an interesting statistic about orchestra musicians: the percentage of African-Americans and Latinos in the League of American Orchestras is less than 4%. […]

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