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What is minimum age to attend a concert ?

While educational initiatives try to increase concert attendance among young people, the famous violinist Kyung Wha Chun claims in this article that young kids should not attend concerts. On the other hand, […]

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Audiences portrait

A recent study has analyzed the musical tastes of 5000 adults in order to categorize them into five types : sophisticated, unpretentious, intense, mellow and contemporary. Each music types is linked […]

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Reaching young audiences through music streaming

In this article, professor David Gelernter discusses the importance of bringing classical music culture to young students at school. He suggests creating an educational software to accompany streamed classical music. […]

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Is music streaming more popular than other listening methods?

According to statistics from La Presse, streaming is indeed the most popular method for listening to music. For the first time, music streaming generates more revenue than CD sales. Perhaps […]

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