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Music as a tool for learning

Music’s influence on learning is well known; only one must think about the mnemonic power of rhymes or the meaning a piece gains when linked to an extramusical concept. Musical […]

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Orchestras of amateurs : a movement that gets bigger!

The Awesöme Orchestra hosts all musicians that want to join the community of music lovers. Moreover, it does not require an audition! Based in Oakland, California, since 2013, and lead […]

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A library dedicated to loaning musical instruments

What if borrowing musical instruments was as simple as borrowing books? Based in Kingston, a pilot project named Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library lends 5000 instruments a year, […]

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A listener initiates a Skype meeting during a concert

While violinist Daniel Hope was playing during a private concert in Brussels, a woman in the audience received a Skype call, which she took so that the caller could listen […]

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An open door toward opera

Opera composer and blogger Nell Shaw Cohen tells how opera DVDs helped her become an opera lover. The medium of the DVD seemed immediately convenient to her, considering opera concerts […]

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The development of classical music audiences among university students in Montreal

[Thesis in French] Research conducted in Quebec (Garon, 2009), France (Donnat, 2011) and the United States (Kolb, 2001) confirm a general phenomenon: the classical music audience is aging. If such […]

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Can a concert environment promote active listening from audiences?

Before entering the concert hall, the audience must put their technological devices in a case. Then, they are invited to sit in the hall 30 minutes before the concert starts, […]

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Is classical music meant to entertain us or help us fall asleep?

Music streaming services promote classical music as a tool – a visibly effective one! – to get to sleep. Yet from the Western tradition’s point of view, falling asleep during […]

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Festival du monde arabe – éditions 2013-2014

[Content in French] Lors des 14e et 15e éditions du Festival du monde arabe organisé par Alchimies, Créations et Cultures, le groupe de recherche P2M était mandaté pour effectuer une […]

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