Does wearing headphones create a solitary musical experience?


This article explores the social and solitary facets of listening practices in today’s world. According to Istvan Molnar-Szakacs, neuroscientist, “The properties of the human mirror-neuron system are based on research showing that the same regions in our brain are active when we perform, see, or hear an action. The ‘mirror’ regions of our brains fire whether we’re playing the guitar or listening to Pete Townshend play it.” The article also shares a festival-goer’s experience at Bonnaroo in Tennesse. He describes a “silent disco,” where everyone was wearing headphones, but they were not all listening to the same playlist. Recounting his experience, he said, “You get in your own world and at the same time experience what you’re doing with a group. You’re in tune with yourself, and with everybody else.” To learn more, click here!


Article :
Author : Daniel A. Gross
Source : Nautilus

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