Unconstrained musical genres


Classical pianist Jean-Michel Blais is now part of the indie pop label Arts & Crafts, based in Toronto. For Blais, this collaboration is a way to reach indie music lovers. It also contributes to an increase in the accessibility of classical music. Montreal label Bonsound has done something similar, recruiting the Jérôme Beaulieu trio, a group that has changed its name to Misc. Pianist Jérôme Beaulieu explains the artistic approach behind the name change: “It is an occasion for us and for our generation to build a new business model with regard to music, to find new ways to reach audiences.” According to him, jazz’s lack of popularity is the result of its distribution rather than a matter of taste. Therefore, he thinks that jazz should rethink the way in which it’s presented. “We must think beyond the closed circle of those who already love jazz. We must dare to bring jazz elsewhere, to new places, and perform for people who think jazz is just Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra.”




Article : https://voir.ca/musique/2016/04/13/genres-musicaux-decomplexes/
Source : Voir
Author : Valérie Thérien
Date : 13/04/16

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